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Meet Our Instructors

Sensei Kevin Warner7th dan - Director & Chief Instructor

Is the West Coast Director of the AJKA Karate Association - International (AJKA-I). He has practiced traditional karate since 1979 and is internationally known as a competitor, instructor, coach and judge. Sensei Warner has won numerous national sparring and form championships as an international competitor. In 1997, he captured an individual bronze medal at World Shotokan Karate Championships, and in 2002, at the KWF World Championships. In 2007, he captured an individual gold medal at the WUKO World Championship.

Sensei Amy Hung4rth dan - Instructor

Is the International Secretary and National Membership Director of the AJKA-I. She has practiced karate for over 10 years with emphasis on youth programs. Reputable local and national referee. A national and international competitor, she has competed in numerous competitions at the local, national and international level. Sensei Hung graduated from UC Riverside with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and Minor in Bio Sci in 2007 to help with the organization and dojos day to day operations.Titles include multi-time female kata champion at the Riverside Shotokan Karate Championships and the AJKA-I America's Cup.

Sensei Nathan Scarano6th dan - Guest Kumite Coach

Has been training in Shotokan Karate since 1979. Currently he is the coach of the AJKA-I national team. A former captain of multiple national teams, Sensei Scarano has led his teams to international championships both as a member and a coach. Individually he has won numerous national and international kumite championships. In 2004 and 2006 he was the men's black belt ippon kumite champion at the prestigious Euro Cup. He has been featured in martial arts publications including Masters magazine, Black Belt magazine, and Shotokan Karate magazine.

Sensei Edmond Otis8th dan - AJKA-I International Chairman

Sensei Edmond Otis is the International Chairman and Chief Instructor for North America & New Zealand of the AJKA-I, All Japan Karate Association - International, whose mission is the perfection of both technique and inner development. Sensei Otis resides in New Zealand but travels frequently to our region to provide his valuable expertise and guidance.